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Thermocouple Kit DS2760

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  • Thermocouple Kit DS2760

    The Thermocouple Kit DS2760 is a simple and accurate temperature monitor that can easily be integrated into any project. Unless you're measuring the temperature of the sun's core. That could be tricky.


    The Dallas/Maxim DS2760 High Precision Li+ Battery Monitor is very easily configured into an effective thermocouple interface. The Parallax DS2760 Thermocouple Kit capitalizes on this application and provides a complete connection between the BASIC Stamp and a standard thermocouple element. 

    Thermocouples provide a low-cost, reliable means of measuring temperature over a wide range. The challenge when using a thermocouple is accurately measuring the very low Seebeck output voltage (fractional to low millivolts) from the element, and providing for cold junction temperature compensation.

    The DS2760 Thermocouple has the following features :

    • 1-Wire interface allows multiple devices with just one BASIC Stamp I/O pin
    • Cold Junction measurement: 0°C to +127°C (0.125°C resolution)
    • Low power consumption: Active current = 90 µA max, Sleep current: 2 µA max

    In addition to the module (shown above at left), the kit includes 3 Thermocouple elements. They are as follows: K-type (Chromel / Alumel), J-type (Iron / Constantan), T-type (Copper / Constantan). 

    This product is ideally suited to work with a BASIC Stamp 2p (BS2P24, BS2P40, BS2PE). Other BASIC Stamps will require a Serial-to-1-Wire protocol converter, as well as code to manage the large tables across program slots thus we recommend the BS2p series.

    The documentation and software is available in the Download Resources area a



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