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  • SMT Flyback Transformer
    for Texas Instruments LM5001

    • Developed for Texas Instruments LM5001 Switch Mode Regulator
    • Isolated flyback transformer designed to operate in continuous mode
    • Designed for 16 – 36 Volt input; 250 kHz operating frequency
    • 1500 Vrms, one minute isolation from primary and auxiliary to secondary
    • 5.0 V, 1.0 A output; 7.5 V auxiliary winding output
    • FA2636-AL_1601440.2250.3400.0781.68 : 28 : 31.0
      1When ordering, please specify packaging code: e.g. FA2636-ALD
      Packaging:13" reel, machine-ready 
      EIA-481 embossed plastic tape (175 parts per full reel).
      B = Less than full reel
      In tape, but not machine-ready. To have a leader and trailer added ($25 charge), use code letter D instead.
      2Inductance is for the primary, measured at 250 kHz, 0.2 Vrms, 0 Adc.
      3Ipk is peak primary current drawn at minimum input voltage.
      4DCR for the secondary is per winding.
      5Leakage inductance measured on the primary windings with all other pins shorted.
      6Turns ratio is with the secondary windings connected in parallel.
      7Ambient temperature range:–40°C to +85°C
      8Storage temperature range:Component: –40°C to +85°C
      Tape and reel packaging: –40°C to +80°C
      9Resistance to soldering heat: Three reflows at >217°C for 90 seconds (+260°C ±5°C for 20 – 40 seconds), allowing parts to cool to room temperature between.
      10Electrical specifications at 25°C.
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